About Us

 Mission starting for real Justice 

I have had 27 years of suffering and knowledge from the  Parliaments' gifted powers to those who cheat and provide us with Injustice.
Only just recently did I realise the source of where the blame lies, for bringing untold loss and misery to so many UK indigenous citizens over decades.
At the same time, the means of protecting ourselves, let alone punishing offenders, has been clinically removed - no less in the loss of our effective Human Rights. 

Join us to help you

I have now received written confirmation from the Government that, for the last 19 years, our Human Rights have been denied and abused from legislation which they have passed and gifted. It is still in force right now.
This makes them strictly liable.
Our organisation will expand to meet demand from yourselves, for claims using my legal knowledge and claim template already used.
There is no court action involved, no delays - it is simple and easy, AND rewarding.
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