CorrectJustice - Mission for Justice

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......have you lost out, and want to get your money back, or get even
from injustice?

......we are here to find you the real Justice, and hopefully to bring
you just reward for losses that you have suffered through the last 19
years, right now, and possibly in the future.

Those UK losses may have been actual in terms of finance, domestic/
emotional, or the knock-on effects..... ......or potential ones – in losing
opportunity through injustice or the inability to get Access to Justice.

This may have come from unfairness, inequality or, quite commonly,
having been defrauded – making it impossible to even afford the cost of getting your money back – because you’ve been robbed, and you
can do nothing about it.

The essence of this offer and how to get started:

All those losses come mainly from unfairness and an inability to get a
Just remedy. There seems to be a constant block on Fairness and real
Justice – almost a conspiracy?
There is! – You are dead right.

The main reasons are surprising.
What we have innocently relied upon for years is in fact an enormous
betrayal – it is a secret power ‘game’ to cheat us.
This has been mainly done by removing our Human Rights into the
hands of those who deny and abuse them.

We are here to help you claim and/or register your support.

We ask you to refer to our GoFundMe promotion on           

You don’t have to donate (even though there is just a minimum of £5), BUT please contact us and give an outline of your situation.
Potentially there are millions who qualify for these Claims, which will put PPI claims (currently at c. £50 billion) into the shade. You will find more information on the “give and receive” campaign just launched on the above GoFundMe site.

If you make a relevant claim, you will receive much more than you
kindly donate.

For further summary information; What we can do for you and
possible rewards; Who are we?; What is the funding required for?.......
please refer to:           

....... then don’t forget to contact us.

You will find the internal connection in this site on the page 'Contact
Us' alongside; or contact us separately to: 
Many thanks. 
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